The Bachmann Lofts Monumental
old building.
The Bachmann colony with its magnificent art nouveau elements.

IN 1910 Otto-Wagner follower Adolf Ritter von Inffeld planned to establish so called Bachmann colony on the Leonhard stream a small Jewel in the town, which is still virtually unknown. The Bachmann colony begins from the Sonnenstraße street at the Leonhard stream and occupies more than half of the Wegenergasse street.

The example was a garden city movement architecture and also the magnificent Art Nouveau elements. The estate has an admirably high structural and design quality and is absolutely unique in Graz with its urban and architectural concept.


So you have a rare opportunity to acquire a truly representative unique real estate, which could no longer be constructed today, that insures a steady appreciation value.

The significance of townhouse ensembles was as well recognized by the Federal Monuments Office, thus the process of maintenance and restoration of the property and its neighbouring buildings on the Sonnenstraße and the Wegenergasse streets is currently under way.

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